Five Tips For Improving Your Work-Life Balance

Most of our clients get into business with the aim of having a better work-life balance. However, as every small business owner can attest to, this can be a tricky as they are often responsible for just about everything to do with the business, from IT & finance, to sales & marketing.

It can feel like you are constantly going around and around with no end in sight.

Here are a few tips we thought might help – after all, how healthy would your business be if your health deteriorated to such an extent that you couldn’t function properly.

1. Take holidays

Holidays are great for allowing you to reset your thinking and refresh your mind. Encourage your staff to do the same, this is great for team moral and allows for other team members to step in and learn what their colleagues do. Who knows, they may even have their own suggestions to improve how a task is carried out.

2. Stay healthy

This is sometimes easier said than done, but it makes a huge difference to how you feel both at work and in your personal life. Keeping healthy will help your mind cope with the stresses and pressures of running a business. Make an effort to get out and exercise regularly, even if it is simply a walk around the block at lunch. Getting into a habit is vital, so set that alarm clock or put a recurring reminder in your calendar so that you have no excuses.

3. Learn to delegate

Many hands make light work! Your business will run smoothly and efficiently if you delegate to the right people and let them get on with it. However, a common issue in small businesses is that current staff may not necessarily have the right skills to delegate certain tasks to. In this case, look at outsourcing that particular function to those with the right skills. They can become a valuable extension of your team and have the expertise and knowledge to really add value to your business.

4. Get regular medical check-ups

It can be difficult to see the signs of being overworked when you’re too busy concentrating on all the things you need to get done. Regular check-ups will keep your mind and body in check.

5. Switch off

At the end of the day and especially at weekends, learn how to switch off properly. This can be hard when we’re all so easily contactable but a good way to start is to switch off your emails!

If you have other tips and tricks to improve your work life balance, we would love to hear them.